Free counseling in the Sochaczew County

Free legal assistance and free advice in the Sochaczew Poviat in 2023


Free legal aid is addressed to people who are struggling with a legal problem. A professional lawyer at the point of free legal aid will show interested citizens what their rights and obligations are and show how to solve their legal problem.

A professional lawyer can also assist beneficiaries in drafting appropriate letters such as a claim, a letter for exemption from costs or a letter of appointment of a public defender.

Legal advice is provided when the problem faced by the citizen is of a typically legal nature. Legal advice is provided by a professional lawyer with appropriate experience, e.g. a barrister, legal adviser, trainee legal adviser or advocate.

Who can take advantage of free legal assistance?
Free legal aid is offered to all citizens who are unable to pay for a lawyer’s services. It is also available to self-employed entrepreneurs, i.e. those who run a sole proprietorship.

How can I sign up for advice?

  • by phone – via a special county registration number (046) 864-18-02;
  • electronically – by writing to the e-mail address provided by the poviat, npp.np@powiatsochaczew.pl or by signing up using the form available at https://zapisy-np.ms.gov.pl;
  • in person – by appearing at the county office.

The beneficiary who is an entrepreneur submits:

  • a written statement that he is unable to bear the costs of paid legal assistance;
  • a statement about not employing other people in the last year;
  • all certificates of de minimis aid and de minimis aid in agriculture or fisheries received in the year in which they apply for free legal aid and received during the two tax years preceding it, or declarations on the amount of this aid received in this period, or declarations of not receiving such assistance during this period.

Where can I go for advice?

Advice is provided in approximately 1,500 points throughout Poland – in each poviat. The interested citizen is not obliged to sign up for advice in the poviat of residence. He can sign up for advice in the most convenient place for him in Poland.

Check the availability of free help points and sign up for advice via the website

Information on available points can also be found in poviat starosties, commune offices and city offices as well as on their websites.

Can I use free legal assistance if I am a person with disabilities?

The system of free assistance is addressed, among others, to people with special needs. Each of such persons can take advantage of free legal assistance. If it is necessary to provide facilities needed to provide advice (e.g. sign language interpreter services), such a need should be reported when arranging an appointment or immediately after arranging it.

Persons with significant mobility disabilities who are unable to appear at the point in person, and people who experience communication difficulties, as referred to in the Act of 19 August 2011 on sign language and other means of communication, may use advice outside the premises of the point or using means of remote communication, such as telephone or instant messengers, regardless of the epidemic situation.

Read detailed information on free assistance for people with special needs in the People with disabilities tab.

Free civic advice is addressed to people struggling with problems that are not only of a legal nature. The Citizens Adviser analyzes the problem with the beneficiary and presents his rights and obligations.

Citizens’ advice has a broader subject scope than legal advice, as it also refers to those issues of everyday life that are not regulated in legislation. It is also characterized by greater involvement, first of all, in the preparation of an action plan in a given situation together with the beneficiary.

The civil advisor supports the beneficiary in solving the problem on his own, and, if necessary, prepares with him an action plan to get out of the problematic life situation and helps to implement it step by step. Some citizens’ advisors specialize in specific areas, addressing specific groups of society, for example, in the areas of disability, consumer affairs, discrimination or addiction.

Citizen advice may, but does not have to, relate to a typically legal problem. Based on the analysis of the situation, the civic advisor provides information and indicates various paths of conduct, discusses their advantages and disadvantages, indicates where and what help to look for. The choice of the final solution rests with the beneficiary. It is also up to the beneficiary to choose the form of citizens’ advice.

Who can benefit from free citizen advice?

Free civic advice is offered to all citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation and are looking for help that will allow them to get out of it. It is also available to self-employed entrepreneurs, i.e. those who run a sole proprietorship.



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