Free counseling in the Żyrardów County

Information for people who use free legal aid and free civic counseling in the Żyrardów district.


Free legal aid or free civic counseling is provided after making an appointment by phone in the Poviat Starosty in Żyrardów by number:

46 8566169

Free legal aid and free civic counseling are provided to entitled persons who are unable to pay for legal aid, including individuals who are engaged in sole proprietorship without employing other persons during the last year.

Before receiving free legal aid or free civic counseling, the entitled person submits a written statement that he / she is not able to pay for legal aid. A person who uses free legal aid free civic counseling in the field of entrepreneurial activity, additionally submits a declaration of absence of employed persons during the last year. The declaration is submitted to a person who provides free legal aid or provides free civic counseling.



Free legal aid includes:

1) informing the individual about the relevant legal status and his rights or obligations, including in connection with open preparatory, administrative, judicial or administrative-judicial proceedings;

2) indication to the entitled person of ways to solve his / her legal problem;

3) preparation of a draft statement on the issues specified in paragraphs 1 and 2, with the exception of petitions in preparatory or judicial proceedings and petitions in administrative-judicial proceedings;

4) free mediation;

5) preparation of a draft application for exemption from court costs or appointment of a court representative in court proceedings or appointment of a lawyer, legal adviser, tax advisor or patent attorney in administrative court proceedings, as well as information on costs and financial risk related to the referral of the case to court.


Free civic counseling includes:

1) actions aimed at raising awareness of this person about his rights or responsibilities;

2) support in solving the problem on their own, including, if necessary, drawing up an action plan together with the entitled person and assisting in its implementation;

3) advice for debtors;

4) consultations on housing issues;

5) consultations on social security;

6) free mediation.


Free mediation includes:

1) informing the entitled person about the possibilities of using methods of peaceful settlement of disputes, in particular mediation, and about the benefits that follow from it;

2) preparation of a draft mediation agreement or application for mediation;

3) preparation of a draft application for mediation in a criminal case;

4) mediation;

5) providing assistance in preparing for the court an application for approval of the contract concluded by the mediator.


According to Art. 4a (2) of the law of 5 August 2015 on free legal aid, free civic counseling and legal education:


Free mediation does not apply to cases in which:

1) the court or other authority issued a decision to refer the case to mediation or mediation proceedings;

2) there is a reasonable suspicion that there is violence in the relationship between the parties.



List of free legal aid points operating in the territory of

the Żyrardów district from January 1, 2022.





Opening hours

Providing person


Żyrardów,  Limanowskiego 30,

pavilion N, room no 16

Monday 1300-1700



Tuesday     1000-1400



Wednesday        800– 1200



Thursday      1300-1700



Friday         1200-1600

Ewa Minor-Łunkiewicz

tel: 609-945-399,

e-mail: ewaminorlunkiewicz@gmail.com

Aleksandra Regulska-Sobota

tel: 605-080-662

email: aleksandra.regulska@gmail.com

Ewa Minor-Łunkiewicz

tel: 609-945-399,

e-mail: ewaminorlunkiewicz@gmail.com

Katarzyna Markowska

tel: 501-206-430

email: k.markowska@markowska-kancelaria.pl

Jakub Dzikowski

tel: 696-430-004,

e-mail: kancelaria@adwokat-dzikowski.pl




Kościuszki 1


Tuesday       1300-1700

Wednesday        1200-1600

Friday      1200-1600

Aneta Baranowska

Tel.: 662-265-326

email: aneta.baranowska@adwokatura.home.pl


Puszcza Mariańska, ul. Papczyńskiego 1 (Commune Office)

Monday 1200-1600



Thursday      1200-1600

Grażyna Socha

Tel.: 606 193 112,

email: grasocha@poczta.onet.pl

Ewelina Lorenc

Tel.: 667 900 390

email: elewelin2@gmail.com



Mszczonów, Warszawska 33 (Mszczonów Cultural Center)

Tuesday         1200-1600

Wednesday          1200-1600


Thursday        800-1200

Anna Fiotta

Tel.: 723 076 301

email: annafiotta@op.pl

Ewa Szczechura

Tel.: 668 261 612

email: ewa_szczechura@wp.pl



Radziejowice, ul. Kubickiego 3 (GOPS)

Monday  1200-1600

Friday           800-1200

Ewa Szczechura

Tel.: 668 261 612

email: ewa_szczechura@wp.pl


Each person using free legal aid or free civic counseling may express an opinion on the provided legal aid by completing part B of the help sheet. Completion is voluntary. The completed part B of the help card should be placed in a box, which is located in the place reserved for people waiting for the provision of free legal aid or the provision of free civic counseling.

Point 1 is located in Żyrardów and provides free legal assistance and mediation.

Point 2 is located in Wiskitki and Puszcza Mariańska, provides free legal assistance and mediation.

Point 3 is located in Mszczonów and Radziejowice, provides free legal assistance and mediation.


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In the Żyrardów Poviat on October 7, 2022. there were two trainings on legal education entitled “Cyberbullying”. They were intended for young people from the School Complex No. 3 in Wiskitki, located at ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 25 and for students of the School Complex No. 1 in Żyrardów located at ul. Heroes of Warsaw 4.