The “Young People Foundation” was established on the initiative of people who are not indifferent to the surrounding reality and the fate of people in need of help. The Foundation is made up of people who want to act and contribute to the development of local communities’ activity and help everyone in need.

Our activity is very broad, because we focus on every aspect of the reality that surrounds us, which we can change for the better. That is why we deal with, among others: helping the needy, integrating and activating the local community, activating the elderly, providing attractive free time for children, dealing with environmental education, protection of cultural heritage, popularization of active recreation and sightseeing tours, health promotion and prevention, assistance to accident victims communication, popularization of knowledge about road safety, assistance to crime victims and free legal assistance. We approach all our activities with full commitment and diligence in order to best achieve our goals.

Our foundation was successfully registered in the National Court Register on October 4, 2012 and from that moment we started to act vigorously to turn our earlier ideas into actions.
However, from the beginning of 2015, we obtained the status of a Public Benefit Organization.






Foundation Board:

President – Katarzyna Łuczyńska

Vice-president – Emilia Rymarczyk

Vice-president – Jarosław Sobieszek

Foundation Council:

Chairwoman – Anna Rudnicka

Member – Piotr Latek

Member- Ilona Nowak